Background and Resources

Many of you have asked why we have separate Roman Catholic schools in Alberta. What are their privileges? Why is it that only a few provinces have chosen to continue this practice?

Here you will find some writing and resources on public school education, its history, and thoughts on separate school education and other alternate systems in Canada. 


First some thoughts about education 

Varieties of formal education, other than public school education

What exactly is separate school education, and what does it mean for Albertans?

How did separate school education originate, and come to Alberta and Saskatchewan?

Separate school education, Alberta, and the Constitution in the 21st century

Separate school education and the constitution: how do we make the change?

Investment in, and the cost of education

The Great Idea: What makes public school education unique, vital, and attractive

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  • Rod Soholt
    Public education with equal opportunities for all students in a diverse setting is essential. All schools, Boards and teachers should have equal opportunities that reflect dignity , respect and acceptance.