Petition: It's time for a referendum on separate schools

Alberta has two quite similar fully funded school systems, a public and inclusive system for almost everyone and a separate and exclusive system for Roman Catholics.

 At the beginning of the 21st century, this duplication is obsolete, unnecessary, expensive, and contrary to what we understand about personal and religious freedom, and the religious neutrality of the provincial government.

Twenty years after Newfoundland and Labrador and Quebec did away with denominational education, it is time for Albertans to decide, with a single, province-wide referendum whether we want our children educated, together, in preparation for their life as adults, together.

I petition the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to conduct a province-wide referendum on the following question and to act in accordance with the outcome of the referendum: 

Do you support a single, fully-funded public school system in which all children, regardless of their parents’ religious affiliation, can be educated together in an inclusive atmosphere that is respectful of diversity and in which religious education and observances are accommodated?



GOAL: 1,049 signatures

Will you sign?

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  • Kyle Beier
  • Alex Sawchyn
    Alex Sawchyn
  • Pam Horne
  • Ed. Fergusson
    E. Fergusson – It is WAY past time to go to one system, the savings will be huge. If religions want to have their own schools, let THEM provide the funds.
  • Colleen Knechtel
  • Vincent Bouchard
  • Karen Cooksley
  • Jacob Groen
    Jacob Groen
  • Natalie Blair
    YES a referendum needs to be held – The Catholic Boards priorities are clearly NOT students or teachers. We have two educational systems that do not apply the Alberta Governments criteria the same. The fundamental inclusive, and multicultural, foundation of our Nation is not reflected in Albertas archaic education system.
  • jihene Abdedaim
  • Wayne Park
  • Peter Wilson
    Religious belief should be tolerated, not pandered to with tax dollars for “separate” schools and property tax exemptions for religious properties.

    Religion poisons everything!
  • Shane Garyk
  • Curtis Brandt
  • Samantha Fortin
  • Robert Russell
  • Jacinta Prodaniuk
  • Laura Beauchamp
    What is the status of this petition? I feel very strongly about this subject and would like to learn more about how Alberta is moving towards just a public school system.
  • Stephen Raven
  • Tim Eckert
  • Anand Pye
  • Ravichandran Valavandan
  • Rick Morrissy
  • Mark Beattie
  • Marguerite Hampton
    Marguerite Hampton
  • Derrick Guilmette
    Having two separate government-funded systems operating in parallel is a HUGE waste of taxpayer dollars.
  • Jeff Gruban
    Separation of church and state is the only way to operate a multicultural multi faith or no faith society.
  • Meredith Bowen
  • Brett Pomroy
  • Holly Harrison