Ten actions, aside from unification of separate Catholic schools, the government could take today

Ten actions, aside from unification of separate Catholic schools, the government could take today

This post is for you to share with your family and friends who don't necessarily want a referendum to abolish the separate Catholic school system, or don't think that any political party has the courage to act. 

Whatever your long-term goal, there are short-term actions today that must be taken to end the favoritism and privilege afforded only to Roman Catholic’s in Alberta. Remember: 57% of Albertans do not want to see Catholic schools fully-funded by taxpayer dollars and in British Columbia, Catholic families must pay tuition to attend Catholic schools

In no particular order:

  1. Make sure that the first school in any neighbourhood is a public school. Make sure Public schools get their fair share of all modernization, infrastructure dollars. (Sign our public schools first petition here)
  2. Mandate equal employment for teachers and allow non-Catholic teachers equal employment opportunities (Sign our petition here)
  3. Shared buildings: If the first new school isn’t a public school, at least we could end the practice of taxpayer funding half-empty schools across the street from one another. Instead of building or repairing old Catholic schools, mandate shared facilities over the protest of the Alberta Catholic Trustees Association. 
  4. Stop the Catholic school practice of screening out special needs and high needs children to the public school system. In Ponoka, the Public school had 14% special needs students while the Catholic district only had 8%. When they are allowed to select and reject which students they want, that’s not fair, and it further perpetuates the myth that Catholic schools are of higher quality.
  5. Make sure Catholic boards are only funded for Catholic students. A judge in Saskatchewan recently ruled that “Provincial government funding of non-(Catholic) students attending (Catholic) schools is a violation of the state’s duty of religious neutrality under s. 2(a) of the Charter.” and further that it was a violation of equality rights under s. 15(1) of the Charter.”  
  6. Mandate shared busing, bureaucracy, Human Resources, operations, procurement etc. shared pencil ordering etc. 
  7. Stop the hundreds of thousands of dollars in Catholic Church lawsuits funded by taxpayer dollars such as Trinity Western or fighting against the sexual orientation and gender diverse community.
  8. Make sure Catholic students are protected with GSAs and real comprehensive sexual health education. They should be taught the same curriculum and not abstinence-only content.
  9. Whatever your feelings on contraception and abortion, it is abhorrent to use taxpayer funding teach that abortion is the same as the Holocaust or to use taxpayer dollars and educational time to bus students to protests.
  10. Keep education dollars in the classroom and all faith development functions, permeation coordinators or church staff should be paid for by the Catholic church. For Edmonton Catholic alone this could be over $4 million per year in taxpayer savings. We were excited to hear that the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education (MHCB) was seeking funding from the Archdiocese of Calgary, the Catholic Women’s League and Knights of Columbus to fund a chaplain.

(Your suggestion here: what do you think?) Email [email protected]

Here's some additional information identified by former Catholic school Trustee Patricia Grell:

  • $1.9 million is put aside to fund chaplains in ECSD alone. Other school districts have paid permeation staff to spread the Catholic faith. If you multiply $1.9 million in staff across the other 16 Catholic boards, that is an enormous number of Church staff whose salary is paid by the Alberta government. Catholic Chaplains? (Read the Chaplain job description here)
  • Taxpayers shell out $160,000 for a celebration of Catholic faith. Edmonton Catholic church faith day is the annual 2-day faith development day at the Shaw conference center in February costs ECSD approximately $160,000 (the first day is for staff and the second for junior high school students). How much does your local Catholic school spend?
  • Free Catechism curriculum training: The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops developed a new catechism curriculum which is costing ECSD $180,000/grade to update. That's $180,000 × 13 grades= $2.34 million just for ECSD. Again, I don't know how much this costs taxpayers if you look at all 17 Catholic districts in Alberta. Every Catholic school in Canada must use the CCCB program.
  • From 2014 to 2016 ECSD spent $281,751 on sending 99 teachers to Newman Theological College to acquire their Master's in Religious Education. I don't know how many have gone since 2016 or how many attended prior to 2014. And I don't know how many from other Catholic districts go to Newman for the same purpose.
  • To learn how much the conferences cost simply go to the ECSD trustees' quarterly report which is posted online. Catholic Trustee trips to California or England? Catholic faith development conferences?

Other readers sent in the following suggestions:

  • How about creating one school's sports league so kids can play schools in their region — regardless of religion — rather than driving across the city?
  • How about ending mandatory ‘Catholicism’ classes, and especially ending this requirement for graduation
  • How about united student ceremonies to honour the victims of residential schools … or veterans on Nov. 11?
  • How about joint planning sessions for new schools with the province and municipalities?
  • How about a ‘Meet the Superintendent’ night so all taxpayers have an opportunity to ask public questions related to the expenditure of millions of dollars
  • Keep the Bishop away from public health decisions. (Medicine Hat Catholic School Board is consulting the Bishop for vaccination decisions)

Any initiative such as motions, blog posts, campaigns, and gets Albertans informed are a step towards a better tomorrow for public school families. Keep the conversation going and share this post.

If you are a new reader or just looking for a refresher on the many issues of separate Catholic school boards, here are four insightful reference articles that have recently been published:

David King’s 6 Objections to Separate School Educationhttp://www.ouridea.ca/objection

The Myth of “Permeation”http://www.ouridea.ca/permeation

Former Catholic Trustee Patricia Grell Calls for one public systemhttp://www.ouridea.ca/more_thoughts_on_a_letter_to_the_electors_tax_payers_of_alberta

Alberta Views: The arguments against Catholic Public Schools are increasingly hard to ignorehttps://albertaviews.ca/beyond-belief/

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Catholic Trustees are worried about TWU Supreme Court decision. Here's why:

"Catholic bodies across Canada know that this decision will have a huge impact on their publicly and privately funded universities, elementary and high schools and hospitals."

The Supreme Court decision this week on the Trinity Western Law School was a huge victory for human rights in Canada. Of interest to our campaign was how much of your hard-earned Alberta tax money, which should have been spent reducing class sizes, was instead funnelled by Alberta Catholic School Trustees to fight against human rights?

Interveners in the case included Ontario’s Liberal government, which compared Trinity’s covenant to treating LGBTQ persons as Ontario treated Jews 200 years ago by banning non-Christians from the legal profession. Among groups intervening for TWU were the Catholic Civil Rights League, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, Association for Reformed Political Action, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver, and the National Coalition of Catholic Trustees Association.

So why were Catholic Trustees so concerned about the court case? We received this letter from former Catholic School Trustee Patricia Grell. This court case could mean the end of Alberta Catholic teachers being forced to sign continuous contracts which include a Catholicity clause:

"A Catholicity clause indicates that the teacher must adhere to the Catholic church’s teachings on sex, marriage, contraception, gender identity, sexual orientation etc. etc.  This clause is becoming a contentious issue amongst Catholic LGBTQ teachers because they believe that in order for them to be able to be positive role models for their LGBTQ students they need to be out, to be known by their students by who they really are so their students can better accept themselves and lower their risk of suicide.  In their view, the Catholicity clause is a means of keeping LGBTQ teachers in the closet which is not healthy for them nor their students. 

It is important to note that though Trinity Western University is entirely a privately funded university, it is beholden to BC’s Minister of Advanced Education Skills and Training to be called a university and have degree granting status and must therefore adhere to the laws of our country in regards to discrimination. It is not a privately funded religious entity which operates fully independently of the State and therefore would have the freedom to determine its own membership (I am referring here to the recent SCC decision on the case of Calgarian Randy Wall).The SCC’s decision then, will most certainly impact 100% publicly funded Catholic schools which are imposing a similar covenant-style Catholicity clause on their prospective teachers.  

Catholic bodies across Canada know that this decision will have a huge impact on their publicly and privately funded universities, elementary and high schools and hospitals.  It is not surprising to learn then, that the following Catholic entities intervened on behalf of Trinity Western in this court case:  Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), Alberta Catholic School Trustees Association (ACSTA), the National Coalition of Catholic Trustees Association, the Archdiocese of Vancouver, and the Catholic Civil Rights League.  They knew when they sought intervenor status that this ruling would be a game changer and it is.

This decision in my opinion gives a lot of strength to the proposal that Catholic institutions and schools remove the Catholicity clause in continuous contracts or risk having their accreditation and funding removed.  It would be a step forward for LGBTQ staff rights and a positive step forward for LGBTQ students attending Catholic schools.  The times are changing and our society and our courts are stepping up to protect the most vulnerable amongst us—an endeavour very close to the Gospel message of Jesus, wouldn’t you say?"


We know the Catholicity (or "closet clause") clause contributes to widespread religious discrimination and is the source of human rights complaints in Ontario.

So take action! Share your story with us. Call your MLA. Make a donation and share our petition!

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Are publicly-funded Catholic school boards discriminating against students with learning needs?

Ponoka school divisions show imbalance in students with learning needs enrolment

School divisions in the area appear to have an imbalance in how students with special needs get enrolled. Alberta Education requires that all schools provide flexible and inclusive learning environments for all students, which includes those with severe disabilities. That means if a student has special needs, the school cannot necessarily disallow them from education within the school.

How a student gets enrolled, however, may depend on the religion they follow. (Full Article)

Please read this article and share your comments. Have you experienced discrimination? Tell us: [email protected]

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Are separate Catholic school students actually Catholic? (data update)

April 24th Update: We would like to share with you an exciting update about our ongoing Freedom of Information project to determine exactly how ‘Catholic’ publicly funded Catholic schools are in Alberta?

As you may be aware, the large numbers of non-Catholic students in Ontario is a major election issue that was recently exposed by the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star. These major newspapers even mentioned our campaign (have you recently donated?) Considering that the Globe and Mail editorial expressed outrage at Catholic schools in Ontario being funded by 8% non-Catholic students, just wait until they hear about the level of Catholic faith subsidies happening across Alberta! One of our volunteers has made Freedom of Information requests to all 17 Catholic school districts in Alberta to ascertain the numbers of truly Catholic students—both by district and by individual school. The same issue is happening in Ontario, and make no mistake: it is all about the money.

Take one Alberta case study: Edmonton Catholic. They publicly stated last year that they are financially propped up by enrolling 25 per cent non-Catholic students—that's over 10,000 non-Catholic students and hundreds of teaching jobs where qualified non-Catholic teachers are denied jobs for permitted religious discrimination. Why is Edmonton Catholic receiving $100 million per year in public funding for a purpose inconsistent with their mission … at the expense of local public schools? With 25 per cent of students at Edmonton Catholic schools NOT Catholic, the Alberta government has clearly overbuilt Catholic schools at the expense of all Edmontonians having the right to a local public school.

Despite this hypocrisy of purpose, Catholic schools which are actually not Catholic still deny job opportunities to non-Catholic staff and still fund programs that ‘permeate’ Catholic Church indoctrination! If Saskatchewan’s landmark Theodore Case applied to Alberta, the sustainability of many ‘low-Catholic’ schools in Alberta would be questionable as they would not be allowed to accept non-Catholic students for funding purposes.

Edmonton Catholic would need to immediately transfer many of their schools to Edmonton Public if the ‘Theodore’ decision was implemented in Alberta. When you think about the deferred maintenance bills and increased operating costs and duplication of half-empty Catholic schools that are half-full of non-Catholic students across a school ground from aging public schools -- isn't it time for government intervention? And Edmonton Catholic is still promoting expansion of their low-Catholic school system at a time when both districts are fighting for new or replacement schools — and Alberta is $10 billion in debt!

We are completely dependent on your generous donations to help us complete this Freedom of Information project across Alberta as a number of Catholic boards are fighting our requests for their religious statistics.

As an example, one Catholic school district wants $2,400 before handing over their statistics! But we’re going to persevere so local public school families across Alberta have the factual information to advocate that new or replacement schools built in each community should be a public schools, and continue to support our call for a referendum on Catholic school districts in Alberta.  Our volunteers are also open to presenting local data to communities and public school boards across Alberta. Please remember to share this data with your friends on your social media!

Though this project is still ongoing, the results received thus far are very revealing. Will you help us sort and crunch the data? Email [email protected] if you can help us with charts, presentations, and analysis.

CALGARY MEET UP: For those of you In Calgary, we invite you to hear more from Stephen Carter, David King and Luke Fevin at the Education Panel as part of the Secular Alberta Conference. The panel will be a barn burner; get your tickets now!


CBC created a short explainer video (although we challenge their growth statistics in the conclusion) about why other provinces have chosen to abolish their separate school system. It just goes to show that more Canadians are working hard to end the privilege afforded to one separate school system and it lays it out how change in other provinces is possible-- and desirable!

Congratulations to the Alberta Liberal Party for putting forth a resolution to abolish separate Catholic School Boards in Alberta:

WHEREAS the current system of two, publicly funded school systems, one "public" and one "Catholic," is a dated relic from the 1890s and does not reflect the modern cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity that is Alberta today;

and WHEREAS it is discriminatory to fund one religious system 100 per cent to the exclusion of all of the other religious denominations in Alberta today;

and WHEREAS there are Alberta teachers who are being actively discriminated against by the Catholic School System on the basis of religion, a moral outrage in 2018;

and WHEREAS it is wasteful and inefficient to maintain two separate school systems, with duplication of resources, administration and capital expenditures; waste which is depriving the public system of much-needed funds to reduce class sizes and invest in our children,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that an Alberta Liberal government will move to combine the separate school districts into a unified, public school system;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that an Alberta Liberal government will commit to re-investing all of the savings from such unification back into our public school system;

and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that an Alberta Liberal government will consult with stakeholders in the current separate system and design a model of delivery whereby Catholic education may be offered as an alternative program in the public stream.

Source: https://www.albertaliberal.com/2018_agm

Why can't non-Catholics teach in publicly funded separate Catholic schools? Why is this employment discrimination still permitted? Read this teacher's heartbreaking story:

"In no other avenue of work are employers allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion like this... (read more)

Sign up and help us end the discriminatory hiring practices: www.ouridea.ca/jobs

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February 8th, 2018 U of A Debate (video and text of David's remarks)

Presentation to the Debate/Conversation Organized by the Centre for Constitutional Studies (the University of Alberta)

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

Room 150, the Telus Centre for Learning

David King


Here is the video of the debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTyrCrpWJEU

"The provincial government, essentially acting alone, can disestablish separate school education:  it has the capacity.  Procedurally the way is quite straight forward.  In the last 21 years, two provinces – Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador have amended their respective provincial constitutions to disestablish denominational school systems.

It is probably correct to say that a constitution should not change often.  On the other hand, if a community is to remain strong and vital in real time, sometimes constitutions need to change.  There was a day when Alberta did not own the natural resources beneath its soil.  There was a day when women did not have the right to vote.  We can sometimes be thankful for change.

It has been suggested that it would be ‘wrong’ for the majority to terminate a constitutional right of a minority.  My response is that we need to be very careful about ‘rights’:  they are not all of one kind and sophism has been used to cause confusion and uncertainty by conflating the different meanings of ‘right’.  Not all constitutional rights are human rights:  many are the delivery of a political compromise, and the Constitution of Canada is full of such.  Such ‘rights’ have a limited shelf-life.  They only persist for as long as there is a strong sense that they are vital to the very being of the federation.  Our federation will not founder when our two systems are unified.

More significantly, sometimes the majority must protect the rights of a minority of one.  Sometimes the majority must end the privilege of a significant minority.  There was a day when only land-owners could vote:  they were privileged.  There was a day when South Africa experienced ‘separate but equal’ development:  whites were privileged.

In the context of justice, privilege is an injustice.

We need the courage to look past what is politically correct in order to discern what is right.  We need the courage to hear rhetoric and emotion without absorbing it or succumbing to it.  We need to think deeply, speak carefully, and act faithfully in search of a better democracy with less privilege, more equity, and more justice for all."

Thank you.



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(Feb. 20, 2018) Equal funding for religious education will save Albertans $530 million a year

(Feb. 20, 2018) Equal funding for religious education will save Albertans $530 million a year

—Catholic Church asked to subsidize Catholic students for Budget 2019

Edmonton — ourIDEA (Inclusive, Diverse Education for All), a fast-growing citizen coalition calling for the amalgamation of Catholic and public schools, today asks the Alberta government to fund the operational costs of Catholic schools at the same level as all other religious schools in the province.

Currently, private non-Catholic religious schools in Alberta receive only 70 percent of provincial per pupil funding that a Catholic school receives. If Catholic schools received the same level of subsidy as all other religious schools in Alberta, Albertans would save $530 million dollars annually to redirect towards the provincial deficit or hire 5,300 more teachers for the public school system.

To use another comparator, if Alberta funded its Catholic schools at 50 percent of per pupil funding — the same level as in British Columbia — Alberta taxpayers would save a staggering $880 Million dollars annually to redirect towards the provincial deficit or to hire an army of 8,880 more teachers for the public school system.

Savings of this magnitude are entirely achievable if all religions were simply treated equally by our provincial government.  But since the Catholic Church benefits enormously by the current preferential system, it is only reasonable to ask them to infill provincial subsidy shortfalls for Catholic families.

“There is no logical or moral justification for Alberta taxpayers to subsidize one religious school system above all others to waste $550 million a year,” says Kenn Bur, a volunteer with ourIDEA .  “In this time of compassionate belt tightening, with class sizes growing, special needs students struggling and a provincial budget deficit in excess of $10 billion, we all have to contribute extra. It’s time for the Catholic Church to begin contributing financially to its own religious education system.

“Religious entitlement costs Alberta taxpayers $550 million/year — in addition to enormous unnecessary capital costs to maintain duplicate infrastructure,” says Bur.  “By simply treating all religious schools equally, we could pay down our provincial deficit and avoid the likelihood of a provincial sales tax in the future.”


The data that Our IDEA analysts used for these comparisons is from publicly available audited financial statements provided by Catholic school boards in 2017.  These financial reports reveal that Albertans spent $1.77 billion last year to operate a duplicate educational system consisting of 17 separate Catholic school boards.





Catholic School


Catholic Church Contribution


Same funding as Alberta public schools


$1.77 billion



Same funding as all other religious schools in Alberta

$530 million / year

$1.24 billion

$3,270/year per student (or $272.50/month)


Same funding level as BC’s Catholic schools

$880 million / year

 $0.89 billion

$5,450/year per student (or $454.17/month)



* Our IDEA welcomes any factual corrections. We also ask the Province of Alberta for a comprehensive and transparent audit of all annual subsidies to Catholic schools in Alberta.



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Newsletter -- January 25th

1. ACTION: Millions of taxpayer dollars at stake as Catholic trustees scuttle shared bus services.

2. ACTION: Does your public school trustee stand up for Public schools?

3. ACTION: Complete the Budget 2018 survey and say "NO" to outrageous superintendent salaries

4. INFORMATION: A Catholic trustee shows value in merging school boards

5. INFORMATION: Did you know Catholic schools are operating inside of Public schools?

6. EVENT: Debate: Do we need a Catholic school system? (5:30PM, Thursday, February 8th)


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Help us fight religious discrimination against Alberta teachers...

If you ever needed a good reason to spread the word about our petition, you have to read this story. Alberta Catholic school trustees voted to send money-- taxpayer education dollars-- outside of Alberta to fight a court case for the right of a private business to discriminate against LGBTQ:

“They’re going to use public dollars to fight the public with public dollars – essentially on human rights issues. Which is, of course, completely mad,” Fevin said. Fevin objects to ACSTA spending the money on a case involving a private business that has “absolutely nothing to do” with K-12 education in Alberta.

We also need your help. Please Chip in $100 or whatever you can afford to help our next campaign: ending religious discrimination against Alberta teachers....

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What about the idea of "Permeation"?

In Alberta there is no constitutional grounds for “permeation”, as it is currently being practiced by many separate school jurisdictions.  Particularly since the adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982, there is nothing that gives ‘permeation’ any status superior to the Charter.  Separate schools are as subject to the Charter as are public schools.....


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Here are six of my objections to separate school education

(If you would like to hear David on the Polticoast Podcast please skip 18 min in to hear his interview: 
https://politicoast.ca/2017/10/27/ep-58-david-kings-idea-for-alberta-education/ )

Separate school education inflicts a financial cost we can no longer afford and an social injustice we should no longer tolerate. Here are my six objections:

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