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This morning, Premier Notley told reporters that the NDP has no plans to scrap Catholic education system despite the (now international) sex-ed controversy.....

We were not surprised, nor discouraged. 

As Former Education Minister David King said, the move to end separate schools would be easy to make from a procedural standpoint but the public, not the politicians, will need to drive the conversation. 

“There is no party in Alberta that has the political will to do this at the moment,” he said. “There are some issues that are so important they should be led by public, and this is one of them."

To Paraphrase a recent Fraser Institute report by Queen’s Legal Professor Bruce Pardy:

Any politician (or journalist) who claims that there is a constitutional guarantee to Catholic schools that binds the government is being disingenuous. The only thing that sits in the way of fixing a discriminatory and unfair constitutional anachronism is the reluctance of political parties to do so."

This issue crosses party, geographic, and spiritual lines in our united belief for fairness and a better public education system for all children.

We are organizing volunteers in over 12 different communities-- Any amount you can contribute buys ads, printing, and eventually will help us host events.

Don't let them tell you that it can't be done. Newfoundland did it. Quebec did it. Manitoba did it. David has written exactly how to amend our Alberta legislation to make the change-- what's missing is the harnessing of political will, and that's where we need your help.

We leave the last word with Former Newfoundland Premier Brian Tobin who said the push to end the churches' control was not guided by a malice toward religion, but more by economic realities.

"We couldn't afford it," he said. "We weren't putting our money into providing the best education system for our children. We were putting our money into maintaining buildings — some of which were half empty — and busing people an hour away rather than letting them go to the school in their community because it wasn't a denominational fit."

 - The Our Idea Team

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