This site promotes public school education in contrast to other means of education.  Our advocacy focuses on three areas of concern: the impact of education (especially public school education) on civil democratic society; improving the system; and, improving outcomes.

Public school education is unique, vital to the well-being of a civil democratic society, and appealing, for reasons that are described here .  We believe that public school education contributes to the well-being of a civil democratic society in ways that no other education can.  Whatever undermines the capacity of public school education to fulfill its mandate inevitably weakens a civil democratic society.  In the context of a civil democratic society, public school education likely provides the best education a child can receive.

There are alternatives to public school education, and the alternatives carry a cost that the community bears.

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Currently, this site has one project (here):  the unification of Alberta's two civil school systems -- public and separate

A second project is upcoming:  re-considering student and system assessment (coming).