This site promotes public school education in contrast to other means of education.  Our advocacy focuses on three areas of concern: the impact of education (especially public school education) on civil democratic society; improving the system; and, improving outcomes.

Public school education is unique, vital to the well-being of a civil democratic society, and appealing, for reasons that are described here .  We believe that public school education contributes to the well-being of a civil democratic society in ways that no other education can.  Whatever undermines the capacity of public school education to fulfill its mandate inevitably weakens a civil democratic society.  In the context of a civil democratic society, public school education likely provides the best education a child can receive.

There are alternatives to public school education, and the alternatives carry a cost that the community bears.

From here, you can:


Currently, this site has one project (here):  the unification of Alberta's two civil school systems -- public and separate

A second project is upcoming:  re-considering student and system assessment (coming).

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    Edmonton IDEA Volunteer Meet-up
    Monday, November 20, 2017 at 12:00 PM · $5.00 CAD · 1 rsvp
    Craft Brewery, Edmonton in Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Join us for a Volunteer Meet & Greet and a chat about education, politics, democracy, and Community. Many public school trustees will be in town from across Alberta and might join us as well.

    Please take a moment to listen before you attend. David had an excellent interview on the Polticoast podcast (listen here but skip 18min in to hear david) and we were thinking that it addressed many of the main challenges we face-- now, how to communicate our response succinctly!

    • We have an enormous amount of content on the our idea.ca/blog as well as on David's old blog here: http://changenowforgood.ca/. We are looking for assistance in writing and editing and helping compile answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions as well as putting together a "Conversation guide" for community conversations. 
    • We are looking for graphic design help to pull together many of the FAQ into easily digestible "slides" that we can post or share on social media to help quickly convey some of the important points (Catholic schools are paid for by the public purse, property tax myth, change can happen in the legislature etc.)
    • We are looking for an animator to help with the work and help us create short illustrative videos on the content.

    So let this meet up be a first chance to meet one another and share ideas. Please consider attending and feel free to invite a friend!


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